Our Milestones

Our Milestones


11th July 2016

Good Brothers’ Chemical Co., Ltd (GBC) was established with the purpose of providing the agriculture chemical products for farming in Myanmar. Three Circles is the chemical products produced by Yuntianhua Co., Ltd and now, GBC is distributing from Shwe Crop Nutrients Co., Ltd which is joint venture of Good Brothers’ Co., Ltd and Yuntianhua Co., Ltd. Now, GBC is widely providing variety of seeds, crops, fertilizers, pesticides for farmers throughout the whole country.


11th September 2015

Kubota (Good Brothers) Co., Ltd was established as the authorized distribution company of Kubota Agricultural Machinery Brand in Myanmar.

12th October 2015

Good Brothers’ Microfinancing Co., Ltd (MFI) was established to provide the major financial needs of the farming and agriculture sectors of the farmers in Myanmar. In 2016, MFI has received the registration from Union Financial Analysis Department as License No. 0240/2016.

6th November 2016

Good Brothers’ Agriculture Service Public Co., Ltd (ASP) was formed with 268 shareholders. ASP has received official registration of Myanmar Investment Commission. Now, ASP is providing services whereby landscaping, ploughing, planting and harvesting.


30th December 2013

Yangon Wuling Diesel Engine Co., Ltd is a joint venture of Good Brothers’ Co., Ltd, Changzhou Wujin Wuling Diesel Engine Co., Ltd and Yunnan Xintianli Machinery Co., Ltd, located in Ywar Thar Gyi, South Dagon Township in Yangon with the registration numbers (753FC/2013-2014).


28th May 2010

Three Swallows Construction Co., Ltd was established. The company contributed in the development and construction of the city collaboration with the Yangon City Development Committee.

24th November 2010

United Agriculture Products Processing and Trading Co., Ltd (UAPPT) was established as a subsidiary of Good Brothers’ Co., Ltd in Ayeyarwaddy Division, Nyaung Tone Township, Samalauk Village. UAPPT performed the commercial activities as Rice Mill and exporting to the overseas market.


17th July 1998

The first private farm machinery factory in Myanmar, Good Brothers’ Machinery Co., Ltd (GBM) was established in Mandalay. The Plant started producing machineries in January 2000.

27th August 1998

Victoria’s King International Co., Ltd (VSK) is a subsidiary of Good Brothers’ Co., Ltd was founded as a sales distribution company of households’ products such as electronics and pumps etc. VSK mainly distributes well-known electronic brand Midea Electronic products.


2nd September 1991

The five brothers in Mandalay partnered to incorporate what had previously been an informal family business of farming machinery.