Comprehensive Motor Insurance

Product Information

This motor insurance package brings together all the essential covers for vehicle owners and joint owners.

Insured Period

From 3 months to 12 months. Policy can be renewed yearly.

Insurance Payment

Premium can be made by lump sum payment.


  • Private cars
  • Commercial vehicles
    • Goods carrying vehicles
    • Hire cars
    • Buses and coaches
    • Vehicle of special construction (special types)
    • Agriculture and forestry tractors
  • Motorcycles

Premium Amount

Price of the insurance cover or premium to be charged may vary depending on:
  • Use of the car
  • Value of the car
  • Engine cubic capacity, etc.
Range of premium: 0.8% to 1.2% on sum insured
Vehicle Type Kyats 10,000,000 Kyats 300,000,000
Min Max Min Max
Private (Personal) 1.03% 2.54% 0.57% 0.79%
Private (Business) 1.02% 2.55% 0.57% 0.79%
Public (Personal) 1.57% 3.24% 1.07% 1.36%
Public (Business) 1.56% 3.18% 1.07% 1.36%

No Claim Bonus

A No Claim Bonus is a discount on the insurance premium as a bonus for not having made a claim against one’s policy.

Required Document

  • Owner Book
  • Wheel Tax
  • NRIC of the Owner (Copy)
  • Driver License (Copy)
  • Invoice (or) Agreement Contract
  • Images of the vehicle from various angle

How to apply

Contact Good Brother's Company Limited

How to claim

When loss occurs, the insured person shall:
  • Contact Good Brother's Company Limited