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“Big dreams, humble beginnings” is an apt summary of Good Brothers’ Co. Ltd. Once a business involved in the trading of small machines and engines, Good Brothers’ Co. Ltd. is now known, three decades later, as Myanmar’s leading provider of agricultural machinery and vehicles.

A reflection of changing times, where mechanization is no longer a distant vision of the future but a staple in modern-day agricultural sustainability, Good Brothers’ Co. Ltd. strives to provide only the top-of-the-line products to aid farmers in minimizing labor while increasing their farm production. 

Today, the company, operating from 27 offices throughout the country, offers agricultural machinery ranging from marine engines, gearboxes, rice mills, dryers, transport vehicles and other heavy machines. 

SBU Profiles

Good Brothers’ Microfinance Co. Ltd. (MFI)

Good Brothers’ Microfinance Co. Ltd. (License No. 0240/2016) was established in 2016 with the aim of supporting the fundamental financial needs of the farming community in Myanmar. 

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Good Brothers’ Chemical Co. Ltd. (GBC)

In 2016, Good Brothers’ Chemical Co. Ltd. was established with the aim of providing chemical products for farming in Myanmar.

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GBS Agricultural Services Public Co. Ltd (ASP)

Successfully growing a farm often takes more than just one person with a green thumb. It requires a capable and resourceful team that is wholly invested in the effort. However, not every farmer has such a ‘team’ at his disposal. It was with this realization—and a hope to fulfil this need—that Good Brothers’ Agricultural Services Public Co. Ltd. (ASP) was founded. 

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United Agricultural Products Processing & Trading Co. Ltd (UAPPT)

In 2010, GBS Group set up United Agricultural Products Processing and Trading Co. Ltd. (UAPPT) in Samalauk Village in Nyaungdon City, Ayeyarwaddy Division. 

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Having been around for over a century, KUBOTA is not just a Japanese brand that happens to specialize in agricultural machinery—it is the Japanese brand that is lauded across the global agricultural market for its commitment towards manufacturing top-notch machinery known for their peak performance and high reliability. 

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Good Brothers’ Hardware Mart Co. Ltd.

As the need to diversify and expand to better serve customers and partners across Myanmar arose, the Good Brothers’ Spare Parts Department, originally founded in 1998, renamed itself to Good Brothers’ Hardware Mart Co. Ltd. in September 2020. 

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ZOOMLION (Myanmar) Co. Ltd.

While GBS began distributing ZOOMLION tractors (originally from China) back in 2015, it wasn’t until 2020 that ZOOMLION (Myanmar) Co. Ltd. became an official subsidiary in GBS Group. The feat was a testament to GBS Group’s growing reputation in the global market given that ZOOMLION, the world’s sixth largest and China’s largest construction machinery enterprise, saw fit to entrust its products to the company.

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Yangon Wuling Co. Ltd.

In December 2013, Good Brothers’ Co. Ltd. set up a specialized department dedicated to the manufacture of custom iron wheels, tractors and trailers. In addition, the department also imported and assembled KD-554 tractors and Luzhung-354, -554 and -704 tractors. 

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VSK International Co. Ltd.

After dealing solely with machinery for the better part of seven years, GBS decided to expand its range of products for distribution. Thus, VSK International Co., Ltd. was formed in 1998. 

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Power Winner Co. Ltd.

Although one of the younger subsidiaries in GBS Group, Power Winner Co. Ltd. quickly rose to become a household name in just a short few years after its debut in 2018. As the sole distributor of premium-level Platin and Hyundai Enercell batteries, Royal Power batteries, and HRX Motorcyle batteries, Power Winner is known for providing high-end stored energy solutions for automotive, industrial and agricultural uses. 

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Three Swallows Construction Co. Ltd

While GBS Group was formed on the bedrock of agriculture, its founders soon realized that there was potential for even greater growth in the urban development sector. After all, as an organization that advocates for the improvement of lives within the community, it was inconceivable to ignore the benefits that urban development can bring—mainly, an opportunity for families to live in houses that offer them the promise of safety and dignity.

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Good Brothers’ Machineries Co. Ltd.

In 1998, seven years after Good Brothers’ Co. Ltd. was established, its founders decided to set up Good Brothers’ Machineries Co. Ltd., the first private factory in Myanmar dedicated to the manufacture of agricultural machinery such as GBM farm trucks, tractors and tricycles.

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