Good Brothers’ Agriculture Service Public Co., Ltd (ASP) was formed with 268 shareholders to provide the agricultural service to solve the labour shortage in harvesting time of the farmers. ASP has received official registration of Myanmar Investment Commission.

Our wide range of services include –

  • Land preparation
  • Harvesting
  • Land consolidation
  • Transplanting
  • Providing fertilizers in co-operation with GBC
  • Providing Agri-Loans in co-operation with MFI
  • Paddy purchasing in co-operation with UAPPT
  • Assisting in labour difficulties
  • Requirements for the technical support
  • Overcoming manufacturing difficulties
  • Assisting in overcoming difficulties caused by weather, planting time and harvesting
  • Overcoming storage difficulties

The detail information of the rental service

  • Can rent the machines for Land preparation, Harvesting, Land consolidation, Transplanting
  • Can rent by the group of machines
  • (150-200) acres per machine
  • Give service with the market price
  • Contact 2 months in advance