Fire Insurance

Product Information

This policy provides the insured with coverage for loss or damage of property due to fire or lightning. Owner, Joint Owner, Spouse of Owner or Joint Owner, Mortgagee and Mortgager of the property are entitled to purchase the policy


  • Owner
  • Joint Owner
  • Spouse of Owner
  • Mortgagee and Mortgager of the property

Accepted Items

  • Building
  • Stocks and other contents
  • Machinery equipment
  • On stock-in-trade
  • Household goods & personal effect

Insured Period

The insured period is from (10) days to (1) Year. Before the end of the term of insurance, the policy can be renewed.

Insurance Benefits

  • Hassle-free application, premium payment and claim process.
  • Flexibility in coverage and premium payments.
  • The sum insured is in accordance to the Agreed Value or Market Value of the property.

Premium Amount

Range of Premium Rate Minimum – 0.28%; Maximum – 3.60% The Premium will be charged depending on:
  • The class of building
  • The occupation of the building
  • The adjacent building of the insured building
  • The sum insured etc

Addon Coverage

  • You may extend to cover the following allied perils in addition to the standard cover by paying additional premiums:
    No: Additional Coverage Premium Amount
    1 Riot, strike 0.06%
    2 Aircraft damage 0.10%
    3 Impact damage 0.10%
    4 Subsidence and landslip 0.10%
    5 Earth-quake shock, earth-quake fire and volcanic eruption 0.10%
    6 Explosion 0.10%
    7 Spontaneous combustion 0.08%
    8 Storm, typhoon, hurricane, tempest and cyclone 0.20% - 0.25%
    9 Flood and inundation 0.10%
    10 Burglary 0.25% - 1.00%
    11 War risks 0.10%

How to apply

Contact Good Brother's Company Limited

How to claim

When loss occurs, the insured person shall:
  • Contact Good Brother's Company Limited

Important notes

Please inform if the following changes occur:
  • Change of location of the insured property
  • Change of the ownership of the property insured
  • Alternation of the value of the property insured