Become A Member

  • Must have permanent address
  • Must have regular income and financial support is in need
  • Must be healthy and operating a business
  • Must not bankrupt
  • Must be a neighbourhood group with same vision
  • Must agree to our terms and conditions


  • Must fill a form provided by us
  • Must provide 2 passport-sized photos
  • Must provide NRIC and Household registration certificate (original and copy)
  • Must provide Form - 7 (Permission to do agriculture)


  • Must form a group with at least 5 persons
  • Must not different in business sector within the group
  • Must elect president and vice president of the group
  • Must guarantee to pay on behalf of the member who cannot make loan payment ontime

Rules & Regulations

  • Must be between 18 to 60 year-old
  • Must pay back within 6 months or after harvesting, from the date the loan was approved
  • Must receive the loan in person
  • Must use the loan to invest in the business
  • Must elect president by group member

International Standards and Activities of Anti Money Laundering and Terrorism