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Who We Are

About Our Company

Good Brothers’ Co. Ltd. (GBS) began in 1991 as a modest family business run by five close-knitted brothers in Mandalay, Myanmar.

At the core of this once small and humble seedling is a deep-rooted connection with agriculture, which to this day remains the fuel of the resilient and ever-growing Myanmar population. Initially specializing in the sale of farming machinery, the company has since diversified and expanded through both horizontal and vertical integration in its quest to provide solutions for agriculture (and beyond).

Today, a household name amongst Myanmar’s industrious farmers, GBS is the frontrunner of the country’s agricultural industry. Under the corporation known as Good Brothers’ Group of Companies (GBS Group), the organization comprises of 13 subsidiary companies and more than 27 offices across Myanmar.

GBS’s steadfast mission is to continuously propel the nation forward by actively pursuing ground-breaking technology and other innovative solutions to improve the agricultural landscape.

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You can count on GBS to be there when and where you need us, on every step of the agricultural journey


GBS understands that the key to growth tomorrow lies in helping farmers succeed today

Beyond Business

We understand that farming is more than profits and is our backbone of the nation


We are honored to be in a strong and ongoing 25-year relationship with farmers and it’s all thanks to them that GBS became a household name and a market leader


GBS is greatly honored to be working together with hardworking farmers over the last few decades

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