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Good Brothers’ Microfinance Co. Ltd. (MFI)
Good Brothers’ Microfinance Co. Ltd. (MFI)

Good Brothers’ Microfinance Co. Ltd. (License No. 0240/2016) was established in 2016 with the aim of supporting the fundamental financial needs of the farming community in Myanmar.

Recognized by the Microfinance Regulation and Supervision Division, Good Brothers’ Microfinance now has 10 operating branches in various states across Myanmar, in addition to its headquarters located in the Ayeyarwady Division. The company mainly provides agricultural loans to farmers with flexible loan repayment options, low interest rates and quick processing time.

As a certified agent of GGI Insurance, Good Brothers’ Microfinance also offers life insurance policies for farmers, thus ensuring that their livelihoods—and that of their families’—are well taken care of. Good Brothers’ Microfinance also works closely with its sister companies, Good Brothers’ Chemical, GBS Agricultural Services Public and United Agricultural Products Processing & Trading, to supply farmers with chemicals and fertilizers, and even harvesting and trading services for their produce.

As it is the mission of GBS Group to become the all-in-one agricultural solutions provider, Good Brothers’ Microfinance takes its role in the corporation’s business ecosystem seriously. Good Brothers’ Microfinance’s goal is not only to help local farmers from the rural communities to stay afloat via the means of flexible agri-loans and fair insurance plans, but also to provide them with the technological tools and equipment needed to supplement the stable and healthy growth of their crops.

To date, Good Brothers’ Microfinance has loaned over 34 billion MMK (20.7 million USD) and served over 34,000 clients since its inception.

Need help to fulfil your agricultural dream? With GBS Microfinance, we bring you one step closer to making your dream a reality by providing you with flexible agri-loan options to help you get started on your journey.

To be eligible for loan application, you must:

  • Be between 18 to 60 years old
  • Have a permanent residential address in Myanmar
  • Have a regular income/financial support
  • Own & operate a business
  • Not be a declared bankrupt
  • Be medically fit

Procedure & Rules:

  1. When applying for the loan, you will be required to submit:
  • Loan Registration Form (MFI)
  • passport-sized photos
  • your NRC
  • Household Registration Certificate
  • Form 7 (Permission to do agriculture)
  1. Forms must be collected in person from any of MFI’s offices (locations listed below) and returned once completed.
  2. Application forms will be processed upon their submission, after which, you will be contacted by one of our officers to arrange for an assessment of your house and/or business location.
  3. Successful applicants will be notified via mail.
  4. All approved loans must be collected in person from any of our offices listed below. Please bring along your NRC for verification during the collection.
  5. During the collection, our officers will disclose the amount of loan to be disbursed to you as well as advise your repayment plan.
  6. Loans received from MFI must be strictly used to invest in the agri-business as declared during the application. Any misused loans will be liable to a penalty.
  7. All loans must be repaid to MFI within 6 months from the approved date of loan, or after harvesting season* Repayment of loan may be made via cash or Wave Money.
  8. Failure to repay the loan on time will be liable to late fees charged at a rate of 0.03% per day.

Our Office Locations

1.Kyaunggon Branch, Kyaunggon Township, Ayeyarwady Division

2.Nyaungdon Branch, Nyaungdon Township, Ayeyarwady Division

3.Hinthada Branch, Hinthada Township, Ayeyarwady Division

4.Magway Branch, Magway Township, Magway Division

5.Pakokku Branch, Pakokku Township, Magway Division

6.Aunglan Branch, Aunglan Township, Magway Division

7.Salin Branch, Salin Township, Magway Division

8.Shwebo Branch, Shwebo Township, Sagaing Division

9.Mandalay Branch, Mandalay Township, Mandalay Division

10.Pyinmana Branch, Naypyidaw Council Territory, Pyinmana Township