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Three Swallows Construction Co. Ltd
Three Swallows Construction Co. Ltd

While GBS Group was formed on the bedrock of agriculture, its founders soon realized that there was potential for even greater growth in the urban development sector. After all, as an organization that advocates for the improvement of lives within the community, it was inconceivable to ignore the benefits that urban development can bring—mainly, an opportunity for families to live in houses that offer them the promise of safety and dignity.

It was this noble goal that spurred GBS Group to form Three Swallows Construction Co. Ltd. in 2006. Guided by the principles of excellence, sustainability, collaboration and creativity, the company has undertaken many successful projects, from the construction of housing-complexes, detached houses and standard apartment buildings, to roads, sewages, bridges, factories, warehouses, and even middle schools in the Mandalay region.

To date, Three Swallows Construction has also built the facilities for Good Brothers’, VSK International, Kubota GBS and Zoomlion (Myanmar).

Three Swallows Construction is also equipped with the technical expertise and experience of constructing warehouses and showrooms, and is a one-stop service provider for interior design and renovation.